2021 Youth Art contest

"My Future Vision"

Grades 1 - 12
Submission Deadline: Oct. 15, 2021

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2nd Annual Youth Art Contest Invitation!

The Colorado Optometric Association invites students in grades 1-12 to submit artwork for the 2nd Annual Youth Art Competition. The 2021 competition encourages students to reflect on “My Future Vision”. The contest will be open for submissions from June 1, 2021 – October 15, 2021

Vision is a very important part of navigating the world especially for artists. Participants are encouraged to reflect on what they’d like to see or create in their own future world.

A Message For the Artists: Do you have a goal that you’re striving for? Would you like to solve a problem that impacts your family, local community or global community? Tell us about it through your artwork. We also challenge you to think about the value of your “physical eyesight” in bringing this vision into your future world. Colorado optometrists agree that understanding the value of your eyesight is the first step in taking care of your priceless eyes.




  • All students living in Colorado grades 1st-12th.
  • 2D artwork will be accepted that follows the established image requirements and includes: drawings, paintings, photography, mixed media or anything that can make a mark on a flat surface.
  • One entry per student (entry is free!)

Image Requirement

  • Artwork must be submitted as a 300 dpi digital file in JPG, GIF or PNG formats. Formats not accepted: PSD, BMP, RAW or TIF file.
  • The submitted file must be the final version ready for use as a magazine cover.
  • Any inappropriate content or subject matter will be disqualified.


  • Submission deadline is Oct. 15, 2021 at 11:59pm.
  • Winners will be notified by email on Dec. 1, 2021.
  • If your submission does not meet all of the requirements your entry will be disqualified.


Three students will win the #2020EyesColorado Artist Award!

*If a student who is homeschooled wins, the school donation will go to their homeschool chapter, online school or donated to See the Future Fund who distributes scholarships for the blind and visually impaired.

Grade 9-12 winner prizes:

  • Apple iPad Pro 12.9 ($900 value)
  • $200 donated to the winner's school

Grade 6-8 winner prizes:

  • One year SketchBox Premium Subscription ($350 value)
  • $200 donated to winner's school

Grade 1-5 winner prizes:

  • 3 months of Green Kids Craft Subscription Box ($90 value)
  • $200 donated to winner's school

Colorado Students Value Eye Health

2020 Artist Award Recipients

Grand Prize Winner

Prize: iPad Pro

Grades 9-12

Angelina Blanco

Grandview High School

Angelina’s home high school will receive a $200 donation for Angelina’s winning entry.

"To see is to experience the world in all its beauty. Without my vision, I wouldn’t be able to witness sunsets, rainbows, or the smiles on others’ faces—my biggest inspirations. This is a portrait of my little brother."
Angelina Blanco
Grade 12

Grand Prize Winner

Prize: 1-Year SketchBox Premium

Grades 6-8

Sophia Orysheva

Campus Middle School & Artistic Fox Studio

Sophia’s home high school and art studio will receive a $200 donation for Angelina’s winning entry.

"As an artist, vision is crucial to seeing the world the way I do, which is essential to developing my unique art style. If my vision wasn't so good, I would have trouble seeing small but important details, such as color combinations and tiny paint strokes, which would drastically change the quality of my work. "
Sophia Orysheva
Grade 8

Grand Prize Winner

Prize: 3 months of Green Kids Craft

Grades 1-5


Maxim Furmanov

Greenwood Elementary School & Artistic Fox Studio

Maxim’s elementary school and art studio will receive a $200 donation for Maxim’s winning entry.

"I like to draw because I can express myself during the process. Also I was inspired by seeing my grandmother's paintings. She is an artist. I would like to continue to draw in the future."
Maxim Furmanov
Grade 1

Honorable Mentions

2020 Eyes Colorado would like to recognize the following artists for their high quality artwork entries in this year’s contest. Honorable mentions are listed in alphabetical order.

Chloe Cho | Grade 8 | West Middle School

Dahn Bi Chong | Grade 12 | Cherry Creek High School

Finnleigh Clark | Grade 5 | Artistic Fox Studio

Arianna Davidov | Grade 1 | Artistic Fox Studio

Isabella Johnson | Grade 8 | The Classical Academy-College Pathways

Anastasia Kartasheva | Grade 7 | Artistic Fox Studio

Lauren McClard | Grade 11 | Arapahoe High School

Jaeyeong Park | Grade 12 | Bishop Machebeuf High School

Arianna Podinovsky | Grade 2 | Artistic Fox Studio

Alisa Pugachev | Grade 8 | Artistic Fox Studio

Mika Russell | Grade 12 | Front Range Baptist Academy

2020 Art Contest Submissions

*Some submissions may not be displayed due to file incompatibility with the image slider

Thank you everyone for submitting your entries. It was a very competitive contest and we are amazed at each entry’s unique view on the value of vision and eye health. 

Submissions Grades 1-5

"The level of creativity and depth of thought that these young artists put forth in their entries, is so inspiring. What an immense privilege it was to be on the panel of judges."

Alexis Davina, Contest Judge Tweet

Submissions Grades 6-8

"I was continually surprised by the uniqueness and creativity of so many of the entries - especially from the younger artists! Many entries spoke of an inherent artistic ability. What a great experience this has been."

Submissions Grades 9-12

"What an honor to look at so much beautiful creativity and art! It was exciting to see all the different ideas and themes relating to their individual seeing experiences. What a pleasure"

Julie Babcock, Contest Judge Tweet




"A beautiful sight"

Seeing the World with Your Eyes.
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